A cost-effective solution.

Purchasing IT equipment can be a very expensive outlay for the schools and it can be difficult to accumulate the required funds.

  • Funds immediately available for goods over £5,000
  • Helps with budgeting with fixed annual costs
  • Current lease value is less than outright purchase cost
  • Provides structure for equipment life cycle

The purpose of leasing is to provide schools with funds that are not immediately available to them. Under this agreement the leasing company would pay for the equipment on behalf of the school. The school would then repay the leasing company either annually of termly. This can be a useful option when considering larger purchases as splitting the payments over the 3 year period makes budgeting much easier.

Currently the sum of the lease repayments would be less than the outright cost of the equipment. This is due to the lease company having ownership of the equipment, which has some residual value at the end of the lease.

When the lease finishes the school could either, pay for another years lease, purchase the equipment, or simply return it. The school could then take out a new lease and purchase brand new equipment and maintain an ICT life cycle.

An excellent example of using a lease would be to replace the ICT Suite PCs. This is a much better solution than buying 5 or 6 PCs for the Suite each year, where they will all look and behave differently.

Beebug does not charge for or profit from helping to arrange a lease, we simply gain the sale of equipment. If you are interested please contact us and we will put you in touch with an excellent company who specialise in low-cost leases to schools.