Internet filtering

Protect your pupils and your staff.

Internet Filtering

There is a lot of inappropriate material on the Internet and the school has an obligation to protect pupils and even staff from it. Most schools have some level of filtering from their ISP, but our filtering provides you with much more control.

We can install an excellent award winning Internet filtering solution called DansGuardian that we have been recommending and installing for over 10 years. It not only filters but it also keeps track of which user has been to which web site in case you need it.

The Beebug Internet Server provides you with full control over your internet access with the following features being fully supported:

  • Group Based Filtering – differentiate between staff and pupils
  • User Based Authentication – each user has an individual account
  • User Tracking – web browsing is logged for each individual user
  • Real-time URL Monitoring – you can view the internet logs as they are being created
  • Extension Blocking – can be used to prevent users downloading .msi, .exe, .zip or any other files deemed inappropriate
  • Access to Backend via Command Line – you will have complete access to the server and can view all the settings in place
  • Fully Managed Filtering Service – as part of the BMS Beebug will carry out your filtering requests that are emailed to us.
  • Integration with Active Directory – Users must have a valid username and password to use the internet
  • Customisable Block Page – When a page is blocked the user will be shown a page indicating their username, filtering group and reason why the page has been blocked. This can be customised to include school logos or any other information you request at no additional cost

The great thing about this system is that it is fully configurable and we manage it to provide instant changes as you need them. This makes it much more flexible to the precise requirements of your school than many of the larger Borough or County-wide systems in place. If you need a site blocked or unblocked we can make the change almost immediately. We can also allow access to certain sites for school staff but have them blocked for the pupils.

As well as the usual lists of bad and good web sites DansGuardian will check the words in the web browser before they appear on the screen. It intelligently decides if something is inappropriate and stops it from being displayed.

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All options are possible and we just need to sit down with you to determine how it would work best for your school.