Desktop Security

Safe and sound.

In a busy school it is essential that all of the PCs and laptops are ready for use when you turn them on. They also all need to start up in exactly the same way and have all of the software and settings that you need. There is just no time to start fiddling around with them before the lesson can start.

Beebug Security v7

We have written a program that does all this for you.

It seamlessly locks down the computers to stop pupils (and staff) from making changes and stops them from getting to parts of the network that they should not see. It makes it very simple for anyone to use the computer as everything they need is right in front of them. We can also customise it to your requirements, so that you have a particular Desktop or so that your programs are organized by topics or even Keystage groups rather than complicated program names.

screen shot windows 7 logo

The annual licence cost for this program is £800, but it is supplied free as part of our Basic Managed Service. All of the settings are controlled from a single user interface on the fileserver and are very simple to use. The latest version works with Windows 7 so that you can have a mixture of PCs running Windows XP and Windows 7 on your network all at the same time.

There is so much clever stuff that we can do for you with Beebug Security. We can have different Desktops and menus for each year group and teachers will have access to private areas that the pupils cannot see.

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  • Secure
    Prevent unauthorised changes to the configuration of your PCs. This reduces downtime and frustration amongst users.
  • Group-based Control
    The majority of options are group-based, so they can be applied to groups of users, e.g. Teachers or Students.
  • Group-based Icons
    The icons that appear on the desktop or the Start Menu can be tailored to the requirements of different groups.
  • Log-on Message
    Display a message of your choosing customised to specific groups of users or all users.
  • Custom Backgrounds
    Choose a custom background to display on the desktop, such as a picture of your school or a logo.
  • Internet Home page
    For each group of users, select the default home page to start up when Internet Explorer is run.