Child Protection & E-Safety

Keeping them safe and sound.

There are many aspects to child protection and E-Safety and we can help provide guidance and solutions. All our staff have completed a Child Protection and Safeguarding course to help recognise any potential issues.

There are various different aspects of E-Safety that schools need to consider. The first would be the security of the actual network and the data saved on it.

Another area of potential concern is access to the internet and online resources. We are all aware of the power of the internet, but there are risks with content not being suitable for all ages. Our Internet filtering page provides information about the measures Beebug can put in place.


In addition to Internet filtering we can also offer an award winning product called Securus. This is a software program that reviews the words and phrases as they appear on a user’s screen and automatically flags any inappropriate words or phrases.

Once installed Securus looks at every word as they appear on screen. This can be web pages, documents and even emails that you send or receive. As soon as an inappropriate word or phrase is found it creates a capture of the screen along with details of the computer in use, the user logged on and the date and time.

All captures are automatically uploaded to a cloud based server where they are stored for viewing.

Creating the captures is a pointless exercise if they are not reviewed. This is an incredibly time consuming task that needs to be carried out methodically and regularly. The software will capture lots of ‘false positives’ where a key word or phrase has been innocently used. For example a project about the Vikings would involve words that include swords, knives, fighting etc…

To assist schools Beebug offers a unique log-checking service that no other company offers. We provide a weekly or monthly review service to go through and screen the captures. Being an independent company we have no ties to individual users so would have no conflict of interest.

This service would be discretely carried out by one of our trained engineers that would remove the burden and responsibility from an individual based at the school. All genuine captures are confidentially sent to the Head Teacher who can then decide how to proceed.

Beebug is an authorised partner of Securus allowing us to supply and install the software. If you would like more information or a demonstration please contact us.