Printers, Copiers & Printer Management

See it in black & white, or colour for that matter.

We can supply any type of printer from low-cost inkjets through to high volume colour lasers. Our preferred manufacturer for printers is HP as they are well priced, reliable and are considered by many to be the “Industry Standard”.

Inkjet Printers
inkjet printer

These are mainly used with individual PCs in classrooms and are often preferred for use with younger pupils who expect to see an instant result when they press the “print” button.

However, the inkjet cartridges are very small and need to be frequently replaced. Where a number of classes have a shared area it is often more cost effective to have a single shared colour laser on the network rather than multiple individual inkjets.

Mono Lasers
inkjet printer

Mono laser printers produce high quality output and are very economical to run.

We can supply low-cost mono lasers to connect to an individual PC or faster mono lasers for network shared use in an ICT Suite.

Colour Lasers
inkjet printer

Colour laser printers tend to be quite large as they have to accommodate 4 separate toner cartridges.

It is more cost efficient to have colour laser printers shared by multiple users on the network and we can recommend a model once we know the anticipated volume of printing and how many PCs will share it. Repairs to colour lasers tend to be expensive and so we would always recommend increasing the manufacturer’s warranty to 3 years.

Photocopier Printers

The latest photocopiers will normally now have a network interface.

This means that we can program your copier to be available as a printer for appropriate users of the school network in the same way as any other printer. We do not supply copiers but we are happy to liaise with your supplier to configure your copier for use on the school network.

Printer Management Software

The purchase of replacement ink cartridges and toners is a significant expenditure in most schools. We can supply some proprietary print management system that will control use of printers and reduce your expenditure on toners.

The system works by allocating a number of print credits to each user on the network. A credit is used up each time a page is printed and once the user has no more credits, they simply cannot print any more. You will need someone at the school to monitor the program and allocate extra credits as they are needed.

This is an excellent program and we can install a free-of-charge 30 day trial for you to test it at your school.

Please contact us for more information or a demonstration.

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What our customers say:

  • “As Always, Beebug has provided excellent service throughout the year and we especially appreciate the way that you supported us through OFSTED.”

    Brian A Robertson – Priestmead Middle School

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    Keith Arnold – Shaftesbury School

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  • “Please accept my personal thanks to you in helping me carry out my role. As an example, I'd highlight the e-safety work over recent years; it's been brilliant.”

    Nigel Hewett – Achievement & Inclusion, London Borough of Harrow.

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    Hazel Yeomans – Roxeth Nursery, First & Middle School.

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  • “Thanks for being so supportive and flexible over the last few weeks. We have found that having Tony has been a real help, Particularly last week as projector bulbs broke just as Ofsted descended.”

    Head teacher – Elmgrove Middle School

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  • “Thank you so much for restoring the School emails and your work on the curriculum server. You are brilliant at your jobs and we are lucky to have such a good team of guys working for the school.”

    Jas Birdi – Orley Farm School

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    School Administrator – Woodlands School

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    Sheila Carnan – Vaughan School

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  • “As always the service you provide is first class. Please thank everyone especially Stuart who continues to be amazing.”

    Marilyn Wilson – Priestmead Middle School

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    Heather Harris – Belmont School

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  • “We are so grateful for all the support over the academic year – it has enabled us to keep ahead of the game.”

    Marilyn Wilson – Priestmead Middle School

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  • “Beebug's consistent help and support makes my job a lot easier.”

    Marilyn Wilson – Priestmead Middle School

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    Toral Patel – Stag Lane Infant & Nursery School

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    Louise Addinall – West Lodge Middle School

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  • “I just wanted to thank you and everyone at Beebug for being so helpful over our recent problems with the network. Thanks again for being so brilliant with us.”

    Debbie Jack – Middlesex University

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